· Q: Can I model for you?
· A: At the moment I am only doing some selected work apart from my dayjob.

· Q: Prices?
· A: Reasonable, but depends on what you want. I do fashion portraits, bands and anything my style suits for.
Which means, if you want cute pictures of your child, I'm probably not your best choice. Unless your want the gloom.

· Q: Do you do TFP/TFCD?
· A: Not any more, I need to make a living and if I want to try new ideas I use my friends.

· Q: I'm a photographer myself. Can you take a look at some pictures and tell me what you think?
· A: Sorry but no. There's an endless amount of sites for image critique already, Google is your friend.

· Q: What camera do you use?
· A: My pics are taken with a lot of different cameras. Everything from Minolta Dynax 404si to Canon EOS 1Ds.
If there's a specific photo you're wondering about, please ask.

· Q: Where do you find the models?
· A: Most are friends and models from my former agency Nocturnal Models.

· Q: I wish I looked like one of your models...
· A: Noone looks like this when waking up in the morning. Lighting, makeup and image editing does the trick.

I can also be found on Myspace and ModelMayhem.
Don't add me on Facebook, I only keep a personal account and don't post any works there.